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This page contains a collection of photos taken and uploaded by our members.
Here is my bike getting shipped out to my 30something nephew. Lucky guy! As an old fart how much time have I got left to use these bikes. Not sure if I am doing him a favour as now he becomes acquainted with the Prince of Darkness and all the foibles of the breed. It takes a whole lifetime of experience to keep these bikes functional and the young man has never turned a wrench in his life. It will be an experience.Now is this fair? Could not get the bike to run straight for years. If you look hard there is a crack in the body of the carb. This very subtle damage was probably from new. Took a long time to find this issueCanadian Vapour Blasting on site at the Paris rallyHere is Danny and Tim doing emergency surgery on the sump plug of his 750 Commando. Tim has this repair done in fifteen minutes. New PhotoThe story on this bike is that someone started the project and got about 75% done then it came to the studio of Alistair for completion. It was really hard as small bits and pieces were missing. Interestingly this is a new rider to the vintage scene and will shortly be joining us. Meet Don Shrieves and his T100Section member Dan Jacobs is underway on the next project. He rescued an 850 Commando from purgatory and is bringing the bike back to world of the living. He has already completed the delicate operation on the Commando swingarm to convert it to the roller bearing conversion and securement of the swing arm spindle. The head has received new exhaust inserts from Bruce Chessel and is being reinstalled on the engine. Dan has plans to do this build in the Café Racer mode, a totally unique design.Here is our own section member Shannon hosting a club section meeting at his own studio. Interesting stuff in here, note the antique toy cars, milling machine lathe, and traffic light. Kudos to Shannon for hosting the event.The section meeting held at Shannon's Studio on August 2, 2016So I was cruising down Hwy 6 minding my own business when the cop pulls me over. Running without a headlight was the charge. An argument ensued and the MVA was referenced and I was right the pre 1970 bike did not need a headlight. TaDA! At which point the cop said "in that case you were speeding" three points! Now I run with a very bright 20W halogen pilot light a crappy tire special as pictured. Note the LED headlight which draws 35W and is much brighter than the 100W halogen installed prevProfessionally built chopper? starting at the front the rim was freshly painted and new spokes, why did they lace in a rim that was square? Could not pull the clutch lever. The oil tank output is below the level of the top of the engine therefore no oil could reach the rockers. The whole bike was put together with course thread Cdn Tire fasteners. Probably best to use it as a piece of static art! This is just the best bodge that I have seen. This was done by a professional Toronto motorcycle shop. The Boyer plate was installed into the cam gear and "GLUED" into place with JB weld! Not surprisingly the bike did not run.Here is Dan Jocobs doing a Dyno run with Don Morris. The bike has had a recent engine swap and Dan was looking to tune it. Don Morris used to race Nortons so he was well versed on tuning a Norton. The new motor made a genuine 50HP. The bike is now equipped with new Amal Premiers. Don Morris had a good line when he said "this is so weird, turning a screw on a Concentric and it ACTUALLY does something" Early Indian advertising blotter1977 PRO STOCK MOTOR once owned by RUSS COLLINS1977 HONDA 1080 PRO STOCK MOTOR.This is a picture of the Old Britts electric starter installation. They send you a large cast aluminum piece that holds the starter motor and supports the Norton mainshaft. The installation requires that the inner primary be cut out to accommodate the new piece. Then the clutch basket gets machined to hold a new ringgear. In addition the engine plates need to be cut to accomdate the starter motor. The starter motor itself is a Harley starter. In addition the installation calls for two LithiSo here is the Old Britts version of the electric start. It was hellish trying to make all this work. The clutch had to be machined to take the ringgear, the inner primary cut to accept the starter mount and the engine plates had to be cut to accept the Harley starter motor. It would have been easier with a chain drive. That said it does start the bike. Lithium Ion batteries were used as they had 28 amp hours of cranking power. This is the vapour blasting set up. The unit projects glass beads and water at the item leaving a nice finish. Look at the result of vapour blasting. Highly recommened this for any parts you are going to install. Vapour blasting leaves a smoother surface and does not attract dirt so quicklyThis is a pic of the my 1966 Rickman. The bike did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The frame is an oil bearing frame that is very light. This allows the vibes to transmit to the rider. Riding this bike is like working with a chainsaw for a couple of hours. That said it really comes alive on the race track. BTW the ultra rare eight shoe brake has never worked properly and does not do a good job of slowing down the bike1921 INDIAN POWERPLUS 72 cubic inch motor with SP designation.1971 BSA B50 500 single. It was converted from a moto crosser into a flat tracker by Norm Carr in 1974 for the purpose of short tracks and ice racing. When the bike was first unveiled at the Wellend County Speedway the other racers laughed at the idea of an old style big single 4-stroke competing against the new high performance two strokes. Norm would run the bike hard into the corners going wide out in the deep stuff and keeping the power on creating large rooster tails. By the end of This is my 1951 Vincent C Rapide, with my daughter and grand daughter aboard. It's a good runner and I have put on about 16,000 k in the 10 years I've owned it. I replaced the wiring and installed directional signal lights which made it more reliable and safe to night ride. It has Dunlop aluminum rims , black shadow brake drums and speedo, in kilometres. It is a numbers matched Vincent and it is well documented. Peter Houison 1937 BSA Y13 in original running condition